gettin back to my roots ahahaaaa

it’s getting better one day at a time


It would be impossible for me to enumerate all the people and places I will miss. Just know you’re all on my mind more than I would like, but no less than you all deserve.

Polaroid dons

I saw a man die last night. I just can’t get the image of him being carried out, frothing at the mouth, out of my head. Man just fucking watching them trying in vain to resuscitate him, right up until they finally gave up hope is fucking tearing me apart. That’s someone’s fucking son man. He was younger than me and his parents are waking up to the news that he fucking died at a fucking rave, like fuck man. Fuck.

miss rahim already :’((( four months til we can skank it out omfg come back from america right now you lovable goon 

Laurent Baheux. Lion Always in the Wind.